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Friday, 12 March 2010

A Perfect Retirement Plan?

With inflation biting hard and slowly eroding our income, a perfect retirement remains an elusive picture to many of us. Before we discuss further about retirement plans, these questions needs to be answered: are you in charge of your money? Do you have the freedom? The answer to these questions decides how your post retirement life will be.

How do you get financial freedom? By getting high investment returns. How do you get high investment returns? By chosing the best retirement business that will thrive not only in times of growth but also in hard financial times.
Coin Laundry Centers the Coin Laundry Association statistics says that coin laundry centers averages a powerful 20 to 30 return on investment. A successful laundry owner can achieve great financial rewards with part time effort. First, they don’t have to give up their regular job as this is a ‘turn key’ business, where you don’t need staff on the shop. People will always need to wash their clothes, which is why laundry centers thrive in periods of both growth and recession.

Internet internet business gives you advantages that no other type of business can. You can decide if this retirement business will fit you through the following advantages: you can decide exactly on when you want to work, you don’t have to get stuck in traffic anymore, you can work from the comfort of your homes, you can spend more time with your family and you don’t have to rent office spaces. It is a business that requires small investment but will surely bring you income that you dream of if you know the trick about business in the internet. You must never neglect the foundation that every internet marketer is aware: traffic generation and market connection.

Become an Entrepreneur – an entrepreneur is defined as one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business enterprise. There are many reasons why one must consider entrepreneurship as one of the best retirement businesses. The dominant 3 aspects are money, freedom and control: Profits are always better than wages. Being an entrepreneur gives you the vision of achieving significant financial payouts. You have the freedom to decide your working hours. You will be your own boss who decides on how to operate your business, conceptualize and design your work set up. This is one of the best retirement businesses wherein you can equally divide your time to both your family and work.

Information Product If you are looking for a great way to add income to your life without having to do a lot of work during retirement, information products might be for you. This is the sale of a written product that you create at home. Information products or EBooks is said to range from a simple 10 page report that will sell for a few dollars to an entire audio and video courses. Most of these products can be downloaded instantly once the customer has paid. And you have the whole world as market, 24 hours a day.

Restaurant business – one of the best retirement businesses even during recession is food business. People don’t stop eating even if the money is scarce. Food business does not require much investment – this business is called food delivery and can be started for a small investment. All you need is a desire to earn lots of money. This is the ideal business, one that will prosper in any economy, costs little to start and thrives when consumer preferences changes.

Retirement is not only a time of celebration and happy memories. It is also a big transition in the retirees’ life, a beginning of something new and something that could even more meaningful. That is preparing for a financially stable and a more secure future.

Author Resource:- Dave Kotecki is a dynamic and creative internet entrepreneur who takes his tenacity from his patience in learning to be what he wants to be and do it without fear in making mistakes. He shares his secret to achieving http://davekotecki.com/my-story/ financial freedom while working in Afghanistan. He is an epitome of a man who aimed for success and had his share of it from pure courage and determination

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